Our Story

The story of Anyela’s Vineyards began three generations ago in Eastern Europe and continues today on the hillside high above Skaneateles Lake. The Nocek family combines its viticultural experience with the cooler climate patterns and fertile soil to grow our select grapes.

Unlike other vineyards along neighboring Finger Lakes, we protect our vines from the cold after the fall harvest. One by one, we carefully remove them from the trellises and bury them in the rich earth to insulate the sensitive primary buds, which eventually become the fruit. In spring, we re-trellis the vine for maximum sun exposure. We also control our grape yield to cultivate the ripest, most flavorful fruit.

Since planting our vineyards in 2001, Anyela’s Vineyards has three vintages in development and continues to grow in reputation as a vintner of exclusive wines for every occasion.

Our Philosophy

Anyela’s strives to implement sustainable agricultural practices to produce the freshest, most nutritious and flavorful fruits and vegetables possible, locally, in your backyard!

Implementing sustainable practices to us means minimizing unnatural inputs (pesticides, herbicides, transportation, storage time and fertilizers) yet maximizing quality of our produce while safeguarding our environment and conserving natural resources. You will also enjoy the beautiful countryside and scenery, compliments of mother nature!

Employment Opportunities

We invite you to join Anyela’s team of wine enthusiasts. Seasonal positions are available from May to September.

Please send your resume to the attention of patti@anyelasvineyards.com if you would like to learn more about employment opportunities.

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